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  1. Important things to know about fighting

The most important type of scene in action stories. They involve a fight, usually between a protagonist and an antagonist.

Important things to know about fighting

  • For humans, humanoid aliens, and possibly other aliens, getting hit in the face (especially the forehead), the solar plexus, the groin, and the shin hurts. Even if you wear a helmet, and/or armour, that still causes pain. You cannot simply get hit on those areas and punch back instantly, unless you have invincibiliy, indestructable skin or something similar.
  • Unless you are an insanely good martial artist, most of fighting is reaction. Especially if you are not that experienced in fighting, you will be just throwing the punches, kicks, and moves that you know best.
  • Along with pain, you get tired. Life is not a game (unless you're writing a Tron fanfiction), so you cannot just fight at your best until you are dead.
  • If you and your opponent are clashing melee weapons, it will hurt your arm and hand, especially if your weapons are hitting each other at high speed.
  • Silencers do not silence the gunfire, but they do muffle the sound a bit. It sounds like a POP.
  • You cannot rapid-fire on a bow and arrow like Hawkeye. It takes strength to draw back a bow, and it takes about 5 seconds at least. Just stick to rifles if you can.


  • The bigger the gun, the worse the aim and the larger the kick will be (the kick is when your gun pushes you back after you fire), unless it's a sniper. You cannot simply hold two miniguns in your hands and expect perfect aim. Make your characters hold their guns like this:

Types of fight scenes