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  1. Types of Aliens
  2. Creating an Alien

An Extra-Terrestrial Life-Form.

Aliens are very popular in science-fiction stories. Usually, they are the antagonists (e.g. Battle: Los Angeles), but they can also be the protagonists (e.g. Guardians of the Galaxy) too.

Antagonist Aliens

  • If the aliens are not intelligent (meaning that they do not think as much as humans), then they should be attacking the protagonists for survival. For example, in Pitch Black, they simply need to eat.
  • If the aliens are intelligent, then they should be attacking the protagonists for honour, revenge, or something else that is not based on basic survival, with the Precurors in Pacific Rim being an example.

Protagonist Aliens

Types of Aliens

  • Humanoids - These are intelligent creatures which have a similar form to humans.
  • Insectoids - These are creatures that share qualities with insects.

Creating an Alien

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